Tesol Speaking

In this course, you will be introduced to some of the challenges of teaching and learning listening and speaking, such as paralinguistics, performance variables, reduced and regional forms, and differing types of oral discourse. Don't worry--you'll learn what those mean, too! Then you'll learn how to ease the acquisition of listening and speaking for your students. The course also highlights the powerful opportunity to include pronunciation in listening and speaking classes and offers strategies to incorporate pronunciation activities.

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Praveen Kashyap 8 One would learn the barriers of listening, speaking, and pronunciation which can be faced by teachers and learners and certain strategies to overcome those challenges.
Jeevan KC 7 To explore more about a language and to get better at minor and important aspects of being a fantastic teacher, one should go through this course.
Neha Negi 7 Nice strategies have been provided for improving listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Being a facilitator will help them to teach students in the class.
Rajendra Sharma 9 The interesting part of this MOOC is that a student as well as a teacher can learn together. One can learn and understand the problems faced while speaking, listening, and pronuncing any word. On the other hand, a person would be able to understand how to solve these issues.
Manisha Nayak 8 This course has multiple strategies for listening, speaking and pronunciation, that can be used by both language learners and trainers.
Anisha Mondal 9 It helps to understand the challenges and to get solutions to these challenges.
Priyanka Jha 8 Students can learn so many strategies to improve reading, listening, and pronunciation. It will be a great MOOC for Advanced level students. All the facilitators will get to know the challenges, which learner face, and the strategies to overcome these challenges.
Mohd Anis 9 They will improve in terms of listening, speaking, and pronunciation.
Taruni Goyal 7 Listening, speaking, and pronunciation is something that all of us do all the time. Hence, the challenges and solutions could help everyone in their day to day life. They could also get the know the specific terms related to it. There were a number of interesting ways to practice too.
Pinki Gupta 8 This course can be recommended to those who are interested in teaching and want to develop their skills as a teacher. If someone takes this course they will learn: 1. Different terms regarding speaking style. 2. Challenges we face in listening and speaking and how to overcome these challenges. 3. Various strategies for learning, listening and speaking. 4. Some illusion we have regarding class participation. 5. The learning environment. 6. Some particular situations and brainstorm about how to deal with those situations.
Harshita Ghalot 7 This course has a lot of easy strategies to teach and learn listening, speaking, and pronunciation.
Shubham Sharma 7 This course will help to learn different strategies for an English language classrooms both for teachers and students.
Rakhi 8 There are many benefits to this course because it provides strategies both for learners and teachers through which one can solve the problems related to learning the language. As a facilitator, it can help me to know more about my student's problems which they are facing while learning English, and it can help me to come up with effective solutions.
Atma Kaur 8 This MOOC is beneficial as it contains all four elements of the English language. It is well designed for learners. It can help the teachers to understand the challenges that the learners face while learning any second language. It also provides strategies for an effective learning experience.
Tanuja Pandey 8 One will be able to get more knowledge about the strategies to be used in the classroom to make the language learning easier. Students can also learn some strategies to understand the second language.
Pratibha Gupta 7 Anybody will get benefit from this MOOC. One will get to know different strategies for teachers as well for students. This MOOC will provide effective practice/manners for engagement in the class.
Priyanka Rani 7 This course has some strategies to work on listening and speaking and to understand what should we avoid becoming a good speaker and a language teacher.
Anjan kumar 5 I would like to recommend this MOOC to my colleagues. This MOOC is related to problems faced by a teacher while teaching English. They will learn different strategies of teaching English like usage of Paralinguistics Variables, Blending, etc.
Arif Afridi 8 I would like to recommend this MOOC to my colleagues because there are many tips by which we can improve teaching.
Chetna Pandey 7
Khushbu Thakur 2
Rameshwari Singh 9 Different types of strategies for learners and teachers.
Komal Tomar 8 One would get to know many things, such as some reasons why learners face problems in learning English and then the solution and strategies to overcome those problems. They would get some interesting and very helpful activities as well.
kimpihoi sitlhou 9 In this course one can learn pronunciation, speaking, listening, and other activities to support the learning. This course is offered by one of America's top Universities to boost moral knowledge.
Ritika 8 By completing this course one will get the tips to learn a second language. In this course, there are many strategies that can help teacher and students to become active listeners.
Indu Nagar 7 This course will help everybody with new ways of understanding language.
This course will benefit from new ways of understanding a language.
Ritu Chaudhary 6 One would get the new terminologies for the concept which we may know already. In addition, we will get some new strategies like mind palace, language ego, etc.
Nitu Kumari 6 This course helped me to adapt different strategies, how to teach, and learn in all situations.
We can learn and teach in all situations with different strategies.
Aslam Siddiqui 8 If you are interested to learn "How to Teach" skills like- pronunciation, listening, and speaking, this course will be helpful to learn a modern approach to teach students on confusing topics.
Anita Rawat 9 This is one of the best courses for teachers aiming to learn a new language. In this course, one will learn about various challenges faced by a language learner with some suggested ways to overcome those challenges.
Rekha yadav 8 It will help students to become good at English language.