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This is a course to help you write effective business emails in English. This course is unique because each module will provide tips on writing more professional emails as well as lessons to improve your overall English writing skills.

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Heena Chaurasia 8 This course actually helps students to write an effective email. Email is an essential part in professional life, thus an employee must write an effective mail to get success in the workplace. Through this course they can learn to use appropriate subject line, and they can practice do's and don't of email writing.
Meenakshi Sharma 10 There are many benefits which we will get while doing this course e.g. this course is going to help in professional life as we learn about email writing and the rules of writing an appropriate email. Also, we will learn, how we can write a correct and explanatory subject line in an Email.
Ram Avtar 9 This course will help to learn about how to use the proper subject line, how to make our emails short and effective, how to start and end an email etc.
Aakash Pnadey 8 If I were to recommend this MOOC to my students, they would get several benefits such as, the better way of writing the body of an Email, how to write precise and concise Emails, how we can convey the context of the email via Subject line only, how we can write a different kind of mails etc.
Sangeeta Prajapati 9 I have learnt so many protocols and vocabulary in this online course which was really helpful.
Pooja Kanoujiya 8 It will help a lot to the students because they will use email writing skills, when they apply for a job. Also, it will help them to be good in communication after getting a job.
Vikas Kumar 9 One will get a lot of benefits through this MOOC because e-mail is essential in a work environment. By this MOOC, one will be able to write an effective e-mail.
Aarti Bhoria 10 One can easily learn the ways of keeping a precise subject line, appropriate body of the email, and introductory phrases.
Ayushi nagar 10 This is the best MOOC that I have done so far, really engaging and interesting. Emails are talk of the town right now, and it's really important to learn how to write one in the best manner. And this is the course to learn that.
Jeevan KC 8 One will learn some basic but most important things. It will help them to make their Email look professional.
Neha Negi 8 Students will learn to write an effective and impressive mail. They will also be aware of Email etiquettes.
shivangi singh 8
tanveegupta 10 This will definitely help my students and colleagues who are looking for jobs. They will be well skilled while writing an email.
Neeraj Sharma 8 Email is a need of time and it teaches some basic rules of writing an email.
Tahmeena Waris 9 This course will help to understand the significant features of professional Email writing. It would be a great course for anybody to enhance writing professional Email skill.
Himanshu 10 This course gives a variety of suggestions that can be added in a resume.
Saquib Khan 8 It is one of the best professional learning MOOC which we all should enroll. It will enhance our skills in email writing and give us an edge in promotion criteria.
Gulafsha Saifi 9 I would recommend this course to students and colleagues. The students will get knowledge on how to write professional emails before entering the job market. This skill will help them get the desired job. Colleagues will learn this skill and it will help them stay in their job. This course will polish writing skills that will make them stand out at their workplace and get the promotion.
Neha Anjum 4 It will be helping them to learn how to write professional mails and will be helping in their future jobs.
Hina Chauhan 4 This MOOC is really interesting and going to help them for their professional life. It provides us a lot of information and correct way of writing emails. keeping in mind their regions and understanding.
Saumya Verma 8 They will understand the correct and different ways of writing emails according to the purpose of it.
They will learn different ways of writing email professionally according to the context.
Gulfam Ahmed 10 It will help them to enhance skill of professional email writing and which will make them competent and confident at workplace.
It will help them to enhance the skill of professional email writing which will make them competent and confident at the workplace.
Vivek kumar pandey 7 This course will help to know how to write a professional email in proper way.
Sapna Sharma 8 They will be able to understand about the professionalism.
Saloni kushwaha 6 They come to know how to write a professional emails.
Anuradha Latwal 8 This course is especially beneficial for students who are searching for jobs or who are in colleges. We can learn how to make a CV or resume, different ways to search for a job, how to prepare for an interview and what should we do in an interview.
Bharti Nayyar 4 It will help them to write short and crisp email.
Deepak Dayal 8 They would learn to make an effective resume for their job.
Sana Qadir 8 They will learn the formal way of writing emails and what are the do's and don'ts of writing a subject line, greetings, email text, and closing. They will learn the organization, style, and editing basics of email writing which is very important to convey our correct message to the other person.
Rajat Verma 10 This is one of the best MOOCs. Select this course if you want to polish your e-mail writing in the professional world, it helped me lot.
Harsh Sharma 9 They will learn about professional Email writing which is necessary for any profession.
Minakshi Gola 8 This is an amazing course for the people who really want to enhance the learning of writing emails. After completing this course one can learn the following things. Review basic professional email structures in English. Analyze key things to do and things to avoid in a professional email. Demonstrate how to edit basic use of punctuation and capitalization in English.
KIMPIHOI SITLHOU KIMPIHOI.SITLHOU@FEAINDIA.ORG 8 They will learn how to write emails, resumes, CVs, and cover letters.
Soni Pal 9 They would be learning the proper way of writing professional emails. They would get to know different types of emails, and proper subject line.
Sahul 8 They will learn how to write professional emails and different ways of writing an email. Apart from this, it will help students in their careers.
pardeep Singh 10
Atma Kaur 8 I highly recommend this course for advanced level students because this course would provide them the prior knowledge related to the preparation of Resume, CV, and Cover letter. They would be able to create their own resume by themselves.
Vivrishi Verma 9 I have learned many new things and developed my skills for writing an email. I have overcome my confusion and some misconceptions.
Anita kashyap 9 You will learn how to write a professional emails. They will get to know the difference between CV and resume.
Anisha Mondal 8 They will know how to write professionally and will learn formal writing.
Parul Srivastava 10 The person will get to know a lot about how to write a professional email.
Shaifali Sreshth 8 Will get the knowledge of writing professional Email.
Mohd Anis 8 They can learn how to write a professional email specifically to the subject of the email.
Neha Mishra 7 I will recommend this course to all job seekers. It will help everyone to communicate effectively.
Karan Gupta 7 1. How to write a precise email. 2. What an appropriate subject line is. 3. How to write different types of emails. 4. Parts of email.
Jyoti Kashyap 9 They will get a formal way of writing an email. It was beneficial for me as I get to know the different ways of writing the mail as per the subjects
Abdullah Ahmed Hasan 8
Mohammed Sahil 9
Harshita Ghalot 7
Kirti Tyagi 9
Pooja Kumari 9
Arvind Singh 10
Shubham Sharma 6
Ragini Rathore 8
Palak Pandey 10
Anuradha Latwal 10 This course is especially beneficial for students who are searching for jobs or who are in colleges. We can learn how to make a CV or resume, different ways to search for a job, how to prepare for an interview and what should we do in an interview.
Sachchidanand Vishwakarma 9
Meenakshi Dhall 10
Himanshi Chandel 8
Rama Kumari 7
Rishabh Mishra 10
Jyoti Singh 8
Gaurav Anand Sehrawat 9
Pankaj Kumar 7
Ajay Gupta 9
Pinki Rawat 8
Jai Prakash Sharma 8
Sudhanshi Gupta 8
Suman Rajput 9
Deepak Tripathi 9
Kranti shrivas 10
Ifra Ambarin 9
Pranjali Agrahari 9
Sudeep Bajpai 9
Surbhi Kathuria 8
Ekta Arora 10
Pooja Chaudhary 10
Radhika Dhingra 10
Shikha sharma 9
Abida Khatoon 7
Manisha Mahto 8
Nasrin Khan 9
Payal Gupta 8
Firoz Khan 8
Shivani Pal 9
Gulfisha Farooqui 7
Rajat Patel 10
Jyoti Sahu 6
Monika Singh 8
Jitendra Agrawal 10
Shiwani Pundir 8
Rupa Pal 8
Saurabh Suman 10
Arvind Kumar 8
Pratibha Gupta 10
Anita Rawat 9
Aslam Siddiqui 8
Mohammad Danish 8
Sameer alam 9
Neetu Singh 8
Bhawna Kumari 4
Amad Saleem 8
Jaya Srivastava 9
Tahira Parveen 7
Ashwani Rai 10
Amrendra 8
Nazmeen sana 9
Rahul Sharma 9
Reshma Lodhi 8
Ekta Goswami 8 It is good to do this course for understanding what context a reader or a writer has so that one can even convey the message in a better way.
Krishnendu Ganguly 9 After doing this course they will learn: 1. Basic Email writing skills. 2. Subject of Emails. 3. Importance of announcement and request e-mails. 4. Apology e-mails. 5. Salutation and closures.
Sukriti Nakra 9 They will get the basic knowledge about Excel. The trainers made it very simple to understand. If a person is not aware of Excel can also learn easily. The practice quizzes really help you to get a deeper understanding of the course. I really liked the quote "Practice makes permanent." It is helpful as it saves time while working and increases the number of job opportunities.
Rekha yadav 8 It is helpful to enhance our email and resume writing skills.
Snigdha Kumari 4 It is beneficial as writing emails are skills that a person needs to skill at in terms of working in a professional environment.
Savitri Singh 10 They will be able to write professional emails. They will learn do's and don'ts.This will create very postive image on others.
Archana Ojha 10 This course will help to know professional e-mail writing skills and all the do's and don'ts of it which will always help everyone in professional life.
Rinky Yadav 9 It is really going to help those who want to learn how to write proper emails in professional life. How to make it short, how to write an effective subject line etc.
Gaicham Gonmei 8 This course will give an idea on how to write professional email.
Astha jaiswal 7 This course will help everybody to improve their email writing skills.