Grammar and Punctuation

The first course in this specialization is a refresher on some tools needed for good writing. It will help prepare you for the other courses. You will need about 10 hours to complete this first course. Writing is a skill and to learn a skill well, you need to practice. In this course, you will watch short video lectures and then practice and discuss what you have learned.

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Neelam Bharti 8 If it is suggested to students/colleagues, it will help them to enhance their writing and spoken skills.
Ayushi Pathak 7 By this MOOC students will benefit from their English Grammar also they will understand how to write properly.
Mayank Tiwari 7 One will learn about Grammar and Punctuation.
Zeenat Parveen 9 They would learn about different types of sentence structure in English, and they would also know how to frame appropriate sentences. They would learn how to use punctuation correctly. Moreover, there are some transition words too. This course would help people to be a good writer in English.
Heena Chaurasia 9 This course helps to learn correct sentence structure and usage of pronunciation. It really builds a better understanding of different types of sentences.
Kundan Kumar 8 They will get to know about the usage of some important punctuation marks. It will help them to write accurately, effectively, and powerfully.
Neeraj Sharma 9 They will learn basic logical grammar in this course, which helps them to do an effective conversations at their job place and interviews.
Sharda Rajput 7
Sangeeta Prajapati 8 I learned new rules and the discussion held by trainers made it more interesting and competitive.
Rukhsar Parveen 9
shivangi singh 8 It will improve English language.
Jeevan KC 9 It's good to improve grammar and clearing confusion regarding punctuation.
Neha Negi 9 They will learn different parts of grammar and the usage of punctuation as well. This course is nice to enhance grammar.
Himanshu 9
Aakash Pnadey 8 I would definitely recommend this MOOC to all of my students and colleagues because this is all about several new things which, even, I was unaware of. So, if they all pursue this course they will get to know the correct usage of punctuation marks, sentence structure, parallel structure of writing, independent markers, dependent markers, and how to use punctuation marks with them!
tanveegupta 10 Students will be benefited to learn grammar with activities and games.
Bharti Nayyar 5 The course has a simple language and easy to understand.
Soni Pal 9 My colleagues/students would be able to improve their grammar and usage of punctuation. A lot of English learners struggle mostly with the usage of punctuation, this course will help them to make their knowledge of different punctuation marks and usage of them stronger. They will be able to learn some new concepts of grammar and become fluent in writing and speaking skills of English,as they will learn about conjunctions, compound & complex sentences, sentence variety and many more new things in grammar.
Rajat Verma 9
Saloni kushwaha 8
Vivek kumar pandey 8 They can learn basic gammar.
Atma kaur 5 They will get to know about Punctuation and where to use those. They would be able to clear their basics with the help of this MOOC.
Saquib Khan 7 If you want to enhance your grammar, you must go for this MOOC. It will help you with tenses, sentences, etc..
Bhawna Kumari 9 This MOOC follows the basic level to teach students with the help of some activities. It also enhances the reading and listening skills of a learner.
Gulshan Khatoon 8 They will definitely learn something related to grammar and especially sentences. I learned a lot related to sentences in this MOOC.
Preeti Mehta 8
Deepak Dayal 9
Rinky Yadav 9
Bhawna Kakar 8
Vishal chaudhary 10
Karan Gupta 7
Anisha Mondal 8
Shaifali Sreshth 9
Anuradha Latwal 10
Ekta Goswami 8
Mohd Anis 8
Neha Mishra 6
Arvind Singh 10
Ragini Rathore 7
Mohammed Sahil 8
Abdullah Ahmed Hasan 8
Pooja Kumari 8
Dipali Agarwal 8
Harshita Ghalot 7
Nitasha 10
Jyoti Singh 7
Shubham Sharma 7
Saurabh Kashyap 7
Palak Pandey 8
Manish Solanki 10
Renu Verma 8
Atul Arora 8
Pankaj Kumar 6
Mansi Baisoya 9
Gunit Dubey 9
Sudhanshi Gupta 7
Pallavi Kesarwani 7
Rahul Prajapat 9
Kranti shrivas 10
Rishabh Mishra 10
Parul Srivastava 10
Sachin Kumar Singh 7
priyanka 8
Surbhi Kathuria 9
Neha Kumari 9
Nasrin Khan 8
Shivani Pal 7
Pramod Kumar 5
Manisha Mahto 9
Saurabh Suman 7
Pratibha Gupta 9
Monika Singh 8
Shiwani Pundir 8
Rupa Pal 8
Anita Rawat 10
Shippy Kumari 9
Bhawna Kumari 4 This MOOC follows the basic level to teach students with the help of some activities. It also enhances the reading and listening skills of a learner.
Amad Saleem 9
Neetu Singh 8
Jaya Srivastava 9
Jyoti Upadhyay 0
Mohammad Parwej 10
Aarti Bhoria 10
Amrendra 6
Tahira Parveen 8
Krishnendu Ganguly 7
Mohammad Danish 8
Nikita Gupta 8
Rekha yadav 8
Snigdha Kumari 4
Gaicham Gonmei 10
Ekta Arora 10
Manisha Oriya 8
Astha jaiswal 8 Students will improve their grammar which will help them in writing and speaking.
Tahmeena Waris 9 Definitely this course is a torch bearer for those who want to be competent in English grammar .
Vipin 10
Neha saxena 8
Sandeep 8
Kanchan 2
Prachi pal 6
Shivani choudhary 8
Ajay Singh 10