Communication and Interpersonal Skills

On this course, you'll discover the best communication strategies for effective workplace collaboration, and reflect on your own personal communication style.

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Sangeeta Prajapati 3 I didn't enjoy learning this MOOC because most of the things I already knew. However, as per this course name, my expectations were really high that I would get to know so many things but the way this lesson was delivered was not interesting. Even the answers to the discussion forum vary.
Neha Negi 5 This course will help to learn different types of communication styles.
shivangi singh 8 This course will improve communication skills.
tanveegupta 8 This course will help people to be good communicators which are required in all the fields.
Himanshu 5
Vivek kumar pandey 7 One can learn how to handle conflicts.
Saloni kushwaha 7 This course will help to learn- how to manage conflict.
Saquib Khan 8 Communication plays a vital role everywhere. If you are lacking with these skills it will be a stone in your promotion goal. So go for it to enhance your communication style and increase your chance of being promoted at your workplace.
Anuradha Latwal 9 This is a short course to enhance our communication skills. We will learn different styles of communication, modes of communication, and how to approach for communicating. We will get to know how to deal with challenging conversations.
Shaifali Sreshth 4 We can develop the communication style.
Anisha Mondal 4 One can develop a better communication style.
Atma Kaur 5 This MOOC is more helpful for learners and facilitators as this MOOC helped us in identifying our personal style of communication. It also helped us in reflecting on our personal style and techniques. It would help the students to know how to engage in challenging conversations with positive outcomes.
Mohd Anis 7 By this course, we will get to know about ourselves and will be able to act accordingly.
Mohammed Sahil 6 It is really useful to understand the importance of effective communication in all areas of our life.
Ragini Rathore 7 It can help students to communicate better at the workplace and get success.
Arvind Singh 10 It will help you to communicate well in your personal and professional life.
Pooja Kumari 7 Communication skills are essential in today's world. It will help students to communicate well in different places.
Harshita Ghalot 5 In this course, we can learn communication preferences and some activities.
Shubham Sharma 4 They can learn different ways of communication for different situation.
Abdullah Ahmed Hasan 6 1. Style of communication. 2. Importance of communication. 3. How to deal with challenging conversations.
Jyoti Singh 7 This course will help us to improve our communication skills and how we can use those skills to tackle the different situations in our personal and professional life.
Pankaj Kumar 4 This course can help you to explore different styles of communication and enhance the reading skills.
Deepak Dayal 6 It can help explore the communication style along with listening and reading practice.
Vikas Kumar 6 As we know communication is the skill which everybody requires. This course will help in learning how to communicate with anybody in different ways.
IKRAMUDDIN KHAN 9 Human is a package of talents. Right! But what do I feel that the best talent what God has given to human is to communicate to someone? I would suggest my students complete this course for the following reasons:- 1. Communication is the key to success. If you want success please go for it. 2. I would suggest that if you want to learn the scrutiny of communication and interpersonal skills, please go to this course. 3. Style, preferences of communication, and much more we will get to know.
Kamei Omega 8 Students will be able to communicate in an effective way which will help them to excel in their careers. As we know that communication is an interpersonal skill, it will boost their chance of getting better jobs. It will also help them to express their view in a better way during interviews or jobs.
Rishabh Mishra 10 I would like to suggest this course to my students & colleagues because after doing this course we'll learn different ways of communication in different scenarios or the importance of it. This course will help us with how to begin our conversation with a strange person. What to say, when to say, and how to say.
Surbhi Kathuria 6 It helps students to work on their communication skills by learning different communication styles and how to get success at workplace by using it.
Kranti shrivas 6 It can help us understand the way we prefer to talk to anybody. That's how we will learn some other ways of communication.
Nasrin Khan 8 This course is really beneficial for students who have a lack of confidence and do not know how to deal with difficult situations. Students will come to know about different personality traits by taking the personality test. They will learn how to face the challenging conversation and will learn how to be more confident while talking to someone. What our body language should be when we talk to someone. There is a lot of reading and who loves to read will enjoy this course a lot. advantages from this course.
Shivani Pal 6 It helps readers to understand how we can make our communication more effective. It talks about different communication styles also.
Manisha Mahto 8 It is going to help them in their communication parameters and how soft skills are an important part of communication. Moreover, it will help them to become better communicators.
Pallavi Kesarwani 4 It will help students in understanding their interpersonal skills as well as communication skills as this course is basically focusing on skills.
Monika Singh 6 This course was helpful for us to communicate effectively with others, though it has a lot of content to read which makes people less interested to complete the course.
Shiwani Pundir 6 This course can help any person who wants to learn their personal styles of communication. Some of the activities like 'who are you'? It is really helpful. There is more reading required so we need to be focused on when learning this course.
Rupa Pal 7 I will recommend that it will help you in improving body language, building good relationships with coworkers, and others. There are some hidden skills in us and after pursuing this course we might use it in a better way.
Sakshi Kashyap 7 This will help them to build good relations and bond with their colleagues and others. Also, they will be able to share their ideas and perspectives in an effective manner.
Anita Rawat 8 This MOOC will equip a person to handle difficult situations at workplace. It will also help to learn to deal with different types of workplace challenges.
Mohammad Danish 6 It would help us to improve at communication and will share some ideas regarding how to resolve issues/conflicts at the workplace.
Bhawna Kumari 3 If I recommend this MOOC to students, I would tell them how it will help them to build self-confidence and stay positive while dealing with negative people.
Amad Saleem 9 This course will make students focus on their personality which can make them stand alone in the crowd with skills to lead.
Aarti Bhoria 4 This course is based on finding our inner qualities to communicate better.
Tahira Parveen 8 It helps you understand your communication style for your well being in terms of your relationship at the professional level. It helps you understand how you should respond to anyone in a better way.
Neetu Singh 6 This course talks about different ways of communication and also it helps us to know which way of communication we have. It shares some ideas on how to improve your communication style in some effective ways like make eye contact, correct body language, etc.
Dinesh Singh 8 I would recommend this course to my students and colleagues. It will help them to communicate in a better way and this course will help us in certain ways while communicating queries and conflicts.
Krishnendu Ganguly 9 They will learn: 1- Many styles of communication. 2- To deal difficult conversation at the workplace 3- Different styles of communication (BIG FIVE- OCEAN) 4- To use different channels of communication 5- To set my goals to improve communication skills.
Rekha yadav 8 This course will help people to enhance communication skills.
Snigdha Kumari 3 One should know the importance of communicating not with others but with own self in order to become more empathetic.
Rinky Yadav 8 If people do this course they will learn how to communicate with others and how to make a bond with others. What are the barriers which are stopping us to communicate effectively?
Gaicham Gonmei 8 How to attract your audience and speak with confidence.
Ekta Arora 10 This course will help in identifying different styles of communication with different people and situations.
Astha jaiswal 7 This course will help in building communication skills which will help anybody to get a better job.
Tahmeena Waris 8 To learn effective communication skill this MOOC is the best.
Chandan Thakur 8
Poonam Rathore 9
Ashish Kumar 9
Jyoti Solanki 5
Ayasha 9
Himanshu Chaurasiya 7
Rahul kumar madhukar 8
Mukund verma 6
Chanchal 5
Krishan 7
Isha Roy 5
Anku Mishra 8
Sakshi Singh 9
Pooja 10
Varsha Kumari 10
Ravi kumar 5
Ankita 8
Deepika sharma 5
Amit 3