FEA is a dynamic organization developing English and employability skills in the framework of building critical thinking skills and enabling personal development. At the root of this work is a contemporary teaching and learning strategy that is taken from best practices at top universities globally. Instead of the "chalk and talk" model, facilitators support and encourage active learning in an informal yet disciplined learning environment.

The programs are free to all, and learning takes place in locations, close to where the students live. They're open from early in the morning until late at night, so students can fit classes around work or study. In our programs, students develop their ability to ask critical questions rather than unquestioningly accepting the information provided to them. Students gain a sense of self-determination, confidence, and a desire to continue to explore.

Teaching Method

FEA is doing pioneering work developing business English and critical thinking skills, in a framework of personal growth and community responsibility. We are committed to data-driven results. We track individual students' learning on a daily basis.

Duration & Intensity
Our courses require students
to attend 6 days per week
for 52 weeks
Critical Thinking
In addition to English instruction we
teach students personal skills
such as patience, grit, and discipline
Development of self-confidence,
heightened aspirations,
and a sense of service
Modern Technology
The integration of modern
technologies and teaching
methods, including a cloud-
based learning management
system (LMS) to track student
Scaling to Millions
All the elements of
our program are designed
with the intention that
they can be scaled to
help millions of students

Our Values


We believe that people can bootstrap themselves out of poverty. To do so, we believe that these two things are crucial: professional skills, and depth and strength of character.


We believe that to succeed, it is important our students have an enthusiasm for life-long learning. Consequently, we make our programs fun for participants, and teach them the meta-level skills of critical thinking.


In addition to professional-level English instruction, we believe that personal skills such as grit, self-confidence, and positive habits of mind are crucial to success in a modern professional context.


Finally we believe that developing a sense of community, country and a desire to serve others is an important part of a student’s growth and maturation. We help develop socially responsible citizens for a country on the move.

Founding Story

The AAM Foundation, which operates Freedom Employability Academy, was founded in 1999 in India and the United States by Deepak Chopra. This is the story.

As a teenager, I walked to my school bus stop through a very low-income neighborhood. Every day, I saw people cooking, eating, and living their lives on the side of the streets. The deprivation, misery, and loss of human dignity brought about by poverty deeply saddened me. I made a personal commitment to never forget what I experienced, and to help solve this immense problem.
As I started my final year of high school, I decided I wanted to go to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), which had a reputation for being a difficult engineering school to get into. Most students who got into IIT were typically in the top 2-3 of their high school class. I had never been even in the top 20 of any class.
So I spent my final year of high school taking as many extra classes as I could and doing everything I could think of to help prepare for the entrance exam. I gave up watching cricket matches, movies and television. I would get up at 4:30 AM and travel 2 hours to the living room of a gifted mathematics teacher, to learn with him before I went to school. I skipped the annual family summer vacation. That entire year I focused deeply on preparing for this single examination so I could have a chance to attend IIT.
And at the end of the year, I was accepted. Having gotten into that university transformed my career options and brought many opportunities. This led me to think that in an average person's education, one intensive year of extra learning opportunities can have a significant impact on their career. Through the work of FEA, I am seeking to provide that one year experience to as many people as possible, with the hope that it will make a significant and lasting impact in their lives.