Practical Thinking Skills

This award-winning, practical course helps you succeed in work and life. It empowers you with the positive values for a resilient life and equips you with powerful problem-solving skills, demonstrated with the success stories and case studies on how to excel in a job interview and study in higher education.

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Chaman Kumar 6 If I suggest this course to anybody, they will get the motivation to keep moving in life with a lot of examples of great philosophers.
Umrah Javed 10 This MOOC is interesting, informative. It focuses on how to make a better life.
Anita Rawat 10 Any person who does this course will get numerous benefits such as the theories one should follow in his life, how to respond to various problems of life and above all it will teach that person the importance and true meaning of success and also the process to achieve that success.
Rachit Bhasin 10 This MOOC tells us what exactly the true purpose of life should be. No matter how rich or humble our background is, the ultimate goal of life is 'Happiness'. It also explains the theories of Aristotle and Mills that guides us balance the equation of life.
Ifra Tabassum 10 This course is helpful to improve your thinking skills in a positive way. We can learn how we can solve problems calmly. This course is more interesting than any other course because this course has interesting comics.
Sharda Rajput 9
Neeraj Sharma 8 In this course, they will learn diverse thinking skills to solve a problem in any situation.
Himanshu 8
shivangi singh 6
Neetu Shrivastav 7 This course is really helpful for dealing with practical situations. You will get to learn about many great personalities that would motivate and direct you to a happy and successful life.
tanveegupta 8 This will help them to know different ways of happiness and creative idea to get success,
Rekha Katara 9 This course will help you to lead your life with moral values, which are really required for peace and happiness in our society, it helps you to take the right decision and become successful.
Sarita 8
Surbhi Singh 6
sandhya sharma 9
Anshika Yadav 9
Lakshi Jainwal 8
Mohit Mathur 8
Waqar Ahmad 9
Atul Arora 9
Sonam Yadav 8
Karan Gupta 9
Neha Gupta 9
Heena Parveen 8
shahin Saifi 8
Ankita Sharma 8
Anisha Mondal 5
Anisha Mondal 6
Mohd Anis 5
Rajesh Srivastav 8
Sweta Kumari 8
Soni Yadav 10
Kuldeep Purushwani 10
Shahbaz Khan 8
Suprita Giri 8
Mohammad Danish 9
Arpita Rathi 8
Jyoti Singh 7
Surbhi Singh 7
Vikki Koli 8
Chandan Singh 8
Rajni Tiwari 8
Anjali Chamoli 9
Vasundhra Tiwari 8
Meenakshi Ajariwal 10
Vikki Koli 7
Meenakshi Sharma 9
Harun Khan 8
Harish Sharma 8
Bhavna Bhardwaj 8
Sonam Sharma 6
Gaurav Upadhyay 8
Shweta Tiwari 7
Kranti shrivas 9
Sonal Tiwari 9
Ajay singh 10
Manisha Mahto 9
Neetu Karn 7
Sheetal Kushwah 8
Aslam Siddiqui 0
Shivkumar Lakshakar 8
Himanshu Paliwal 8
Nisha Rani 9
Neetu Singh 8
Jithender Rajpurohith 9
Yogesh Shah 9
Jyoti Rani 8
Ekta Goswami 9
Krishnendu Ganguly 9
Rekha yadav 9
Radha Yadav 8
Saloni Jha 8
Gaicham Gonmei 8
Lalit Saxena 7
Mohd Sohrab 8
Vijay Kain 7
Chandrakant sharma 9
Sabir Hussain 10
Neha kannaujiya 0